Radio For Help: Radio & Other Broadcasts Can Up Your Language-Learning Game

If you’re trying to learn a new language and are still in the beginner stage, you can find a radio station or TV channel that broadcasts in that language. Even if you know only a few words in the language so far, listening...

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Five Of The Most Valuable Vinyl Records To Date

Emile Berliner invented the very first record in 1888. Records rose in popularity to keep up soldier morale during the World Wars. Throughout the years, through the 1950s to 1970s people were listening to records on their home...

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A Party Planner’s Guide To Selecting Banquet Halls

Once you start looking online and in special ads, you may soon discover just how many options you have when it comes to picking out a banquet hall. Many venues will have 5-star reviews that make the decision all the more...

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10 Of The Most Expensive Pieces Of Art

For the art-obsessed, a nice painting means more than just how it looks above the fireplace. There is history, artistry, and esteem that says much more about the piece than what meets the eye. If you are shopping for some new...

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Reconditioning: Old Grand Pianos Play Like New

Piano tuning, voicing, regulation, and reconditioning are some of the services that a piano technician might offer. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that these services can be done. Many grand pianos are thrown away or...

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Your DJ: One Of The Most Important People At Your Wedding

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your entire life. You want this day to be memorable for all the right reasons. You want your guests to leave your reception saying it was a great party. They will...

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Five Alternative Bounce House Designs For Tweens

A basic bounce house — a large inflatable square with inflatable walls —  can provide hours of fun at events, but there are other design options available too. These designs will cater to older child ranging...

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3 Great Ideas For Team-Building Corporate Events

Great work teams don’t just magically develop. They are built through training and shared experiences, and neither of those things have to be boring or stale. In fact, you can easily hold training and team building...

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Fun Toddler Games

kids -playing game Help your improve your toddler's stimulation by keeping their minds and their creativity engaged in some of these fun game options.

Exciting Games for Teens

board games With both games you can purchase and games you can play without needing to spend any money at all, your teens will love these options.

Games for the Elderly

two elderly women playing game With simple games like crossword puzzles and “Name that Tune”, you can help to keep your elderly loved ones entertained everyday.